90-day free trial!

Click on the button below to start your journey with Afrilas.

After signing up, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Afrilas mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android)

  2. Click on the activation link in the confirmation email and scan the QR code to register with the Afrilas Portal.

  3. Configure your SAML 2.0 compatible applications via the portal.

  4. Create your users, either manually or via LDAP sync, and invite them by email to join Afrilas.

  5. Enjoy your new mobile authentication experience and never type or remember a username or password again!

The trial version allows you to test the Afrilas solution for a period of 90 days, with up to 5 users and without any limitations.

Your trial license can be converted to a production license by purchasing a license key. This way, you won't have to reconfigure your environment.

Make sure you choose your Afrilas identifier very well, as it cannot be modified once registered.