Press Release: Afrilas

the AXS Guard & nextAuth partnership

AXS Guard and nextAuth are proud to announce a partnership creating Afrilas, a combination of the nextAuth mobile authentication solution and the AXS Guard platform. (June 3rd 2021)

AXS Guard is a fully scalable cybersecurity platform that helps design autonomous cybersecurity solutions for the private, industrial and public sector. Afrilas combines nextAuth’s patented mobile authentication technology with the AXS Guard core platform to provide a solution which is easy to implement and manage by any company, large or small. Through this robust combination, we are able to provide a highly secure and user-friendly authentication service, which is compatible with a wide range of network environments. Afrilas can accommodate any company with on-premise, full cloud or hybrid network environments.

Afrilas is a dedicated solution to provide true 2FA solutions to the enterprise market, based on industry standards. Afrilas  delivers a cloud-based solution that acts as a SAML 2.0, optionally an Directory, back-end to manage users. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with your local or cloud network by using existing technologies such as Microsoft Active or Azure Directory, Google Directory or any other user sources.

By combining the AXS Guard security environment and nextAuth authentication technology, we were able to create the most user-friendly strong authentication solution which integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise employee life cycle. We are proud to claim that Afrilas is a passwordless solution with the highest security available on the market.” says Alex Ongena - CEO & Managing Director at AXS Guard

“With Afrilas, we are entering the enterprise market with a solution allowing full passwordless authentication, without hassle for the user. Our aim with nextAuth remains clear: making complex authentication technology easy. By partnering with AXS Guard we achieve maximal compatibility with existing enterprise setups, allowing for a swift deployment of passwordless 2FA.” states Jens Hermans - CEO and Co-Founder of nextAuth

To kick off sales we have appointed Mr Fabrice Hecquet as Business Development Manager. With his huge network and long term experience in Cybersecurity and more specific in Strong User Authentication Solutions he’s definitely the right man for the job. 

Free trial is available to integrate and test the Afrilas solution for a period of 90 days. 

About nextAuth

nextAuth is a technology spin-off that originated out of Belgium’s top cryptographic university research department imec/KU Leuven COSIC. nextAuth provides an innovative mobile user authentication technology to companies. nextAuth’s innovation lies in combining a great user experience with the highest standards in security. The nextAuth solution can be fully integrated, both on the mobile side and on the server side, giving the user a seamless branded experience. Organizations can rely on nextAuth to take away the complexity of dealing with cryptography and keeping track of quickly evolving mobile environments.

About AXS Guard

AXS Guard takes care of all aspects related to your organization’s cybersecurity. Our priority is customer satisfaction; we take an individual approach to each project to satisfy any client requirements. We are here to listen and assist you. At AXS Guard, our clients are closely involved in the design and development process and we reflect together on the way forward.

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