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The best of both worlds!

Afrilas combines nextAuth's patented mobile authentication technology with the AXS Guard core platform to provide a solution which is easy to implement and manage by any company, large or small.

Through this robust combination, we are able to provide a highly secure and user-friendly authentication service, which is compatible with a wide range of network environments.

Afrilas can accommodate any company with on-premise, full cloud or hybrid network environments.


nextAuth is a patented mobile authentication solution that provides real two- factor authentication and adheres to the highest security standards, while completely eliminating the need to remember usernames and passwords!

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AXS Guard is the core security platform which connects your local network to the cloud. It contains all the features to swiftly implement nextAuth within your organization.

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Afrilas is an Able bv brand

Dellingstraat 28B
2800 Mechelen
+32 15 50 44 00

About us

Afrilas provides a highly secure & user-friendly authentication solution to access online services and applications.

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